Vintage 1940s Black Horsehide California Highway Patrol Police Motorcycle Jacket, California Leatherwear, Buco, Buegeleisen

Lost Worlds Classic American Sheepskin, Horsehide, Goatskin, Deerskin Coats and Jackets



Made In USA
Sizes 38-48 Regular


Buco PPJ27 Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

(With Jacket Purchase)



CHP (W/ Custom NOS CROWN Zippers
- Extra Charge)

(Call for Price)

Vintage 1940s California Highway Patrol Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket Crown Zippers Lost Worlds

Vintage 1940s California Highway Patrol Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

The classic 1940s-50s Horsehide Highway Patrol Motorcycle Jacket immortalized in such Noir icons as WHITE HEAT and GUN CRAZY. LOST WORLDS build to a craft and material level that will astonish those with the highest expectations for American quality and originality. Take a look at our workmanship, the weight of our proprietary American Horsehide, our utter lack of compromise and dumbing down to the terminally uncool. A CHP for the ages.

- 3.0 - 4.5 oz. (Customer Preference) Chrome-Tanned LOST WORLDS Horsehide©

- 100% Pure Flight Satin Nylon Lining

- 100% Cotton Drill Interlining

- Genuine Mouton Wrist Facings

- NOS US Military Talon or Scovill Brass Zippers

- USA Scovill Snaps


Throughout this site we make reference to the amazing stories we hear of riders involved in serious road mishaps with their LOST WORLDS jackets and the astonishing protection from injury afforded by our hides and construction. Our jackets are equipment, not fashion. And bargains at the price, improving, not failing, with age. Becoming even more beautiful, cooler, with each wearing, a treasured secondary benefit after their protective capabilities.


Made at our own NYC factory, of course, as every LOST WORLDS is.



Hilarious Accolade!!!! (Lost Worlds jacket as Viagra substitute? Sorry, we do not at present accept health plans.) --

"Instant boner !! Will be worn with pride and BIG appreciation for the craftsmanship and your HARD work !!The hidden details are just beyond words.... "


Tokyo JPN


Vintage California Leatherwear Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

Lost Worlds Horsehide, Goatskin, Sheepskin, Deerhide Flight and Motorcycle Jackets Made in USA

Vintage 'White Heat' James Cagney California Leatherwear Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

Vintage 1940s California Highway Patrol Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket Belt and Sleeve Detail"

Lost Worlds California Leatherwear Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket Lining Details

"I just picked up the jacket at my brother's, it is perfect.
You really nailed it, it is 100% ....
Thank you so much for another perfect jacket, please say thank you to your machinist from me too."

"I did receive my 4+ oz. horsehide Californian Highway Patrol Motorcycle jacket yesterday (very fast delivery by the way). It sure was expensive, especially since I live in Sweden (!!! I had to pay 30 % extra in Swedish import tax etc. on the total), but it was nevertheless worth every cent. The jacket sure is tailored for me, and without or together with the custom made removable mouton collar; it's a piece of art. The jacket radiates brutal strength but still is beautiful; like a black stallion. It fits me like I wanted, not too big (I can use it with just a shirt), but big enough to wear a heavy sweater and/or a vest under it when it's cold. I appreciate that it's made of very heavy HH-leather .... Great thanks to all of you at LW, and extra lot of thanks to Stuart who was very helpful and also to the skilled guys/ladies who made my jacket!"
 Solna, Sweden


"I received my CHP yesterday and let me tell you I am blown away, perfect. Seriously the chest pocket turned out great, it was positioned perfectly and it looks awesome.  The cuffs were done spectacularly , they really turn up the kick ass factor! The fit is perfect it couldn't be any better. The fit is spot on. The construction and stitching is flawless, stitch perfect. I love this pattern! The leather is stiff, thick, and bulletproof! Just like I like it,  it will break in marvelously an i just can't wait to start .... Whoever you gave the CHP job to DID THE DANG THANG!$ I APPLAUD him for his greatness. Thank you Stuart for delivering a masterpiece product. L.W.# Jacket Kings"


"Hi just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my California highway patrol jacket rode more than 20,000 miles in it and still getting stronger. Sincerely, L.A."


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